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Writing Activities
  • Preschool aged children may begin to make real letters. Allow your child to draw, scribble or write, this will build fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Some older preschoolers will begin writing their names. The writing process is very unique. Allow your child to draw and write as often as possible to become familiar with how it feels to hold a writing utensil.
  • Writing intrigues preschool aged children. Many young children will ask for help writing letters or words. Preschoolers see writing as an important part of life. Adults should model writing, drawing, letter formation, and words. When asked, show your child how you write. Make writing materials available (pens, markers, pencils, paper). Have your child help make the grocery list or a thank you note to a loved one.
  • Give your child multiple opportunities to write. Write in the bath with shaving cream, outside in the sand, with yogurt on a tray or with crayons at the table. Write letters, words, or scribbles for great fine motor practice.