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Reading Activities
  • Preschoolers may begin to recognize familiar words. Your young child may learn words they see every day, like STOP or street signs, or specific store signs. Young children may also learn logos and symbols, so, as they pass familiar restaurants, they may point out a known letter, such as “big M.” This process is called environmental print, which includes items they see in their everyday environment. Encourage your child to look around and figure out what they recognize.
  • As your young child listens to stories, he learns that all good stories have a beginning, middle, and end. As adults we can ask questions to teach them to predict the story, based on the book cover, what the story will be about, as well as what might happen next or how the story will end. Young children learn about the characters and setting in the story by asking questions related to the story. “Who do you think this story is about?” What character is on the cover?”
  • Preschoolers love to “pretend” to read. Preschool aged children love to model reading habits to their toy dolls and animals, using their own words or phrases from the story. Many times, children will “pretend to read” by reading a recipe as they make cookies or “reading” a shopping list as they put groceries in their basket.