First Grade
Ready, Set, READ!

Pre-Emergent Readers

Pre-emergent books are for the brand new reader. These books contain large print, few words per page and large pictures. Many pre-emergent readers include a list of the high-frequency words used in the books.

Children at a pre-emergent reading level will:
  • Be aware that text should be read from left to right and from the top of the page to the bottom
  • Know that printed words have meaning
  • Use pictures as clues to help decode the words

Activities to do at home:
  • Read books with rhyming word patterns. Books with repetition, rhymes and patterns can help children hear the sounds within words. This skill is called phonemic awareness. Nursery rhymes help prepare children for the transition from hearing sounds to reading them.
  • Read concept books that emphasize the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes or math skills. These books will help with specific concepts, but also encourage book knowledge and enjoyment. Read the book, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?” or “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.” Encourage your child to explore those topics while enjoying the repetition and rhythm of the story.
  • Sing songs, read rhyming books, or say silly tongue twisters. These help kids comprehend the unique sounds in words.
  • Help your child pick books that are not too difficult. The aim is to give your child lots of successful reading experiences. A book that’s perfect for your child is called a “Just Right Book.” It holds their interest while helping your child become a successful reader.

Pre-emergent Easy Readers at the West Bloomfield Township Public Library are identified by a white spine label. Each label has a letter of the alphabet, indicating the first letter of the author's last name.

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