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Emergent Readers

Emergent books typically have more text than books at the pre-emergent level but still feature large print and plenty of white space. Emergent readers have more text to decode and a more complex storyline to follow.

Children at the emergent reading level will:
  • Recognize many of the "Words to Know"
  • Use beginning and ending sounds to figure out simple words
  • Listen to themselves read, stop when they make an error and go back and correct the error themselves
  • Begin to recognize and read word endings, such as -s, -es, -ing, -er, etc.

  • Activities to do at home:
    • Use playdough to create letters and words. It is a great way to learn letter sounds and letter identification, fine motor skills as well as word building skills.
    • Play sight word bingo. Create a bingo board with sight words, frequently used words or words your child may need help sounding out. This will be a fun game as well as help your child with spelling, reading, and oral language.
    • When reading a story, stop and ask questions. Have your child predict how the story will end.

    Emergent Readers have orange labels on the spine.